Pedagogical stories

They give us insight into a child’s psychological wellbeing and perception of life.
They approach the child’s anxieties with care and offer concrete solutions.
They help the child to identify and distinguish feelings and emotions.

A well-devised story does not turn a blind eye to real-life situations. Sometimes we do not know how to present changes and challenges to our children. Pedagogical stories empower children and let them know that they can overcome any challenge, that their problems are not unique and that they are not alone in confronting them. Both us and our children can take refuge in a story, fully aware that a happy ending awaits and that a problem is always accompanied by a solution.

My aim is to write stories of just the right length, so that children can follow despite the difficult topics they cover. Moreover, children are not the only beneficiaries, the stories also have a healing effect on the person reading them. Let go and jump from the edge of everyday life and dive into new dimensions. Let the words carry you into a world of fantasy where we are all heroes and anything is possible.

It happens too often that our fast-paced lifestyle prevents us from noticing certain anxieties our children might be going through. Reading stories together helps you identify these anxieties. When did their eyes sparkle? When did they lose concentration? Observe your children’s needs. Perhaps you will even discover certain strengths or shortcomings of your own.


The book contains a CD with audio recordings of the stories. In order to hold the child’s full attention, no additional sounds have been recorded. Children will feel as if the stories are being red by their parents. Look at the smile that appears during the opening lines of each story. Do you notice a transition into the world of fantasy?

You can save and print the colouring materials based on the book’s illustrations for free. These help children process the stories privately and search for solutions and deeper meanings in their own way. The colouring pages purposefully include empty spaces where children can draw their own creations inspired by their imagination. Encourage creativity. What else did your child draw? And why?